GSM Short Code Service is great and cool way making money from home. Have you ever imagine sitting at home and watching money rolling in again and again. I have never seen making money so easy like this before. It is a system designed by smart guys out there to GSM subscribers contribute money to them. Imagine just 1 million GSM subscribers sending you like N30, N 50 or N 100 each. What a huge millions of naira for you. Short Code numbers have that great power to collect money for you from GSM subscribers that send text messages to such numbers.

Short codes are unique phone numbers assigned by Value Added Service (VAS) Providers to interested entrepreneurs for the purpose of offering Value Added Service(VAS) to millions of GSM Subscribers across the country. The service deducts certain amount of money as specified by the VAS service from the phone credit of the GSM subscriber that respond to it either by text or call. The money deducted is shared among the GSM Operator, VAS Provider and the entrepreneur that operate the short code service, according to the approved revenue sharing formula. How much you can earn from your short code depends on the volume of text or call and the money is usually paid within 90 days or 120 days depending on the operator.


A text message is now the easiest, fastest and cheapest way of communication anywhere in the world and also the fastest money-making business in the world. GSM short code works on its own and once it is set up, it is like an automated machine.

The first benefit is the money you make when subscriber text message to your short code. Another bigger opportunity is using the numbers collected for SMS advertising ? either to promote your own products or advertise for bigger companies who are ready to pay good money for it, and you earn money over and over again from the same number of database. One large database can make you more money than the short code itself. Imagine a bank giving you SMS advert, it will be like sending 1 million text messages everyday and if you make just N1 per sms, that is a cool 1 million naira.

If you’re just starting out with SMS marketing, a shared short code is the most cost effective way to send your mobile messages. A shared short code differs from a dedicated short code in that it’s a shared number; multiple businesses are using that same number to send marketing messages. Since our shared short codes have already been provisioned by carriers, setting yours up is quick and easy.

Shared short code uses keywords to operate and keywords are just prefix letters that redirect the SMS traffic to your own inbox. Keywords are normally between 3 – 11 characters. They can also be alphanumeric. For example text VOTE Contestant100 to 33333. In this example, VOTE is the keyword and Contestant101 is being voted for. Shared short codes can be used for:

SMS Competitions

    SMS Voting
    Text 2 Win promotions
    Information services
    SMS Quiz
    Prize draws
    Selling eBooks and Songs
    Charity SMS donations
    Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers

We will provide an online web console for easy access to your short code messages realtime

Shared Short Code Pricing

Description Basic
Setup costs N80,000 for twelve month
Monthly Charges N5,000 per month

*Set Up Between 3-10 business days*
*Revenue Paid Straight To Your Account*

Shared Short Code: has a one-time setup fee of N80,000.00 and this includes the First Month Access fee. Subsequent Monthly Access Fee is N5,000.00. This monthly fee is payable directly to us. Shared Short Code takes 2 business days to setup.

NOTE: You can also purchase additional keywords  with varying Tariff Fees for additional N40,000.00 each.

Dedicated Short Code: has a setup fee of N300,000.00 and a Monthly Access fee of N150,000 (Total of N450,000.00). Subsequent monthly fee is N120,000.00 payable directly to us. It takes 2Months to complete setup. And the benefit of this dedicated code is that you have access to unlimited keywords.

Revenue Payment Cycle
Payment is made directly to your account details filled in the contract certificate every 60 days provided you have a minimum of 5000 responses [Newly Achieved]. At the time of payment you will be notified or you can contact your account manager. For every 60-days payment cycle, your accumulated revenue must be more a minimum of 5000 Responses for you to receive a cheque or a wire transfer. If accumulated revenue is below 5000 Responses, then you have to wait for the next payment cycle.

Gross Payout (in N/sms excl. VAT)

With respect to the regulation, the available tariff bands and gross payout table is subjected to change from time to time without prior notice.

Tariff   MTN Airtel   Globacom  Etisalat
N10 N/A N/A N/A N/A
 N30 N11  N7  N5 N10
N50  N19  N11 N9 N 16
N100 N38  N23 N 19 N33


As a fellow infopreneur, marketer, advertiser, promoter, etc. You will agree with me that the “well of knowledge” you are about to access is worth more than the price above. Of which early subscribers of our short code got theirs . Here and now, I am giving it specially to you.

If you still delay, then you will pay highier few days from now.

If you don’t rush now and ask for a set up, I sincerely cannot guarantee you will even get it this cheap again anywhere.

To ensure you don’t miss out, text “SET UP MY SHORTCODE” to 2348178091314 | 2348170703435  and then hurry to our bank to make deposit into our bank account.

You can get our bank details from the pricing/payment page

Note: We do not make refund for a shortcode that is already processed on in progress. This is because a certain percentage is paid to the respective authorities for the set up of a shortcode while the leftover is the profit for