Robocall provides an advanced communication technology through a live broadcast of audio messages.

Automated Voice broadcasting is a recent mass communication technique that sends audio messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. This technology has both commercial and community applications. Companies can contact employees and customers instantaneously. Communities can likewise be contacted by emergency response centers.

Using our online automated dialing portal, you can broadcast voice messages and service announcements to your clients and community in bulk or individually.

Our voice broadcast platform can place one call or deliver millions of pre-recorded messages to either individuals or answering machines, informing them of emergency alerts, campaigns and adverts, community events or upcoming appointments

  • No Annual Renewal Fee
  • No hidden charges
  • Second to none quality service delivery with our auto-filter which removes background noise
  • We deliver your message just the way you want it to be heard
  • Your Voice Units do not expire
  • Customized Caller IDs
  • Request FREE voice units on sign up

1 Voice SMS Unit = 30 seconds of Voice call

Price Per Unit (NGN)

Voice units are charged at a fixed rate of N10 per unit.

However, discounts are offered for bulk purchase.

We have a solid background and relationship with our carriers, and this sets our platform above any competition because of our ability to deliver your messages efficiently and without white noise during crunch-time.