smsWe implement mobile campaigns and have worked with various organisations and brands. Our products is basically Bulk sms or what is known as customized messages . Our product provide third party opportunities for individuals and organisations alike because we strongly believe in mutual growth for all parties concerned.

Our service solutions empower student bodies, churches, politicians and companies to easily create, launch and operate effective mobile channels with assured reach and feedback/response. We strive to be the most reliable and creative mobile solutions provider in Nigeria, delivering high standards of quality and value to our customers. Sign up today by Clicking on the ‘REGISTER ‘ to enjoy the wow

Are you a business owner wanting to communicate or market to your customers?
Are you an organization wanting to send group messages such as event notifications, promotions or SMS alerts to staff?
Are you an individual looking to send a quick message or group text messages to all your friends?

Welcome to the one stop shop! We are a mobile messaging telecommunication body, we assure you of digital SMS, MMS delivery to satisfy your information  at all times to all your all and sundry users across all telecom networks. We look forward to working with you.

SMSCOMMS offers secure and reliable delivery of your important mobile campaign messages to more than 800 networks and more than 200 countries all over the world.

sms_bulksmsYou can achieve direct marketing plans and increase your revenues, through targeted mobile transactions, ensuring 100% reliability, Mobile Network Portability and efficient interconnectivity and interoperability, worldwide. We can assure you that no matter where your target market is based, we can safely deliver sms messages to any destination you wish to.

SMSCOMMS offers you safe, fast and qualitative sms messaging for personal use.

All you need to do is Login or Register and Start buying sms credits and then you can send messages anytime, anywhere. You can access you own account from any computer anywhere, as long as you have internet connection.